Excavations Over Live Existing Services

When you are digging in close proximity to live existing services, the last thing you want is extra work fixing a broken pipe or ringing the insurance company to report a major incident. Eliminate the risk and use Cairns Hydrovacs to safely dig over, under or next to live existing  services. Our vac hose can get to hard to reach places up to 40m from the truck to the site.

Bulk Soil Removals

Got a mountain of dirt to move, but no way to get a bobcat or excavator to it? Problem solved with Cairns Hydrovacs, we can reach out to 40m to get to those places inaccessible for heavy machinery.

Cleaning Ducts & Pipes

The suction force generated from our turbo charged hydrovacs can easily clean your ducts and for some added help we can use a forward projecting spitwater jet to travel through a heavily clogged pipe.

GPT & Sediment Trap Cleaning

Just like ducts, only bigger!! Every hydrovac has its own high pressure jet to assist in cleaning down walls and breaking apart solidified silt and other unwanted waste to then be collected through the turbo powered vacuum system. And the best thing is, the mud is taken offsite so you don’t have to worry about it again, just schedule the Cairns Hydrovacs to do monthly, quarterly or annual visits!

Underground Service Mapping for Your Trench in Brown Field Sites

Take the worry out of ‘what is where. We specialize in providing underground service locations and can map your proposed trench alignment, with 100% confirmation of existing underground services.

Deep Well Silt Removal

We have sent our vac unit to the most remote island in the middle of the pacific to remove sand from a weather station, so anything is possible.  If you have a deep well or a underground cavity that needs cleaning or clearing, get in contact with Cairns Hydrovacs and we will gladly inspect the site to develop the best plan to meet your requirement.

Troubleshooting Leaks

If you think you have a problem but aren’t sure if the pipe has busted, then give us a call and we can come to inspect the area and help solve your problem.

Footings, Foundations and Structural Cavities

You name it, we have prepared it with a hydrovac. Unsure of how you are going to excavate a footing on a sloping terrain for a future deck, verandah, light or pole, then call on 4037 0604 and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you and create a simple solution for your construction issue.