ADK Service Area

ADK travels – we have been fortunate enough to receive projects in the way north, across the waters to Torres Strait Islands, Far North to amazing indigenous communities of Wujal Wujal, Normanton, Lakelands & Cooktown, North West towards Aurukun, Kowanyama & Normanton, Central inland enjoying Cloncurry, Mt Isa, Emerald & Blacktown, Central East Coast inside Yeppoon, Rockhampton & Gladstone and the freezing cold SE Corner of Hervey Bay. We are constantly awarded projects and have many works in progress in the beautiful cities of Cairns, Townsville & Mackay.

ADK Capabilities

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling.
    • Install ducts from 63mm up to 600mm
    • Over 12 years’ experience working in brown field sites to install electrical, communication, water, sewer and gas lines
    • Our expertise in this field has provided constant work with clients such as Ergon Energy, TPG, Optus, Regional Councils and numerous local contractors
    • Visit www.okadk.com.au for more details


  • Underground Fibre Optic Construction
    • 12 years experience installing underground fibre optic networks for clients such as Optus, TPG, AARNet, Department of Main Roads, Ergon Energy & various Local Councils
    • For the fibre optic utility provider, ADK can provide an end to end service and deliver the live fibre at the end of the project connecting; GSM sites, target pits, customer premises or ring mains to encompass entire communities
    • For other contractors, ADK can construct a simple underbore, full drilling and trenching with pit installations, and fibre optic hauling
    • Our 2kN fibre winch also ensures the fibre is installed without damage, providing the asset owner a reliable circuit free from data loss
    • We can construct from 20m up to 200km of underground fibre optic network
    • With our fleet of hydrovacs, horizontal drilling expertise, pit and pipe installation wizardry and fibre hauling skills, ADK is a professional fibre construction company
    • Visit www.okadk.com.au for more details on fibre optic backbone construction


  • Installing underground electrical and communications networks in New Estates
    • For civil contractors, ADK can provide a team of experienced pit and pipe experts who are trained to meet the expectations of Ergon Energy, NBN & Regional Council
    • Works include the installation of streetlight foundations, pad mount plinths, pillar stations, manholes and pits
    • All ducts are initially cleaned with the hydrovac units, to ensure cable hauling is free of foreign debris
    • Visit www.okadk.com.au for more details on installation of electrical and phone conduits in new estates


  • Underground Service Locating
    • ADK use the industry standard, radio detection RD8000 services locator for sourcing all existing underground electrical and communications infrastructure
    • ADK is a big believer in locating of physical services 100% before beginning construction, and can utilise our hydrovac units to safely expose all traced services within your work zone
    • Visit www.okadk.com.au for more details about underground pipe and cable locating


  • Ultra-High Pressure Blasting & Road Line Removals
    • ADK use a 30 000 PSI Low Flow Ultra High Pressure System to remove road line markings, leaving minimal damage to the road surface
    • The Rotary Spinner removes a 150mm line at a steady pace of 60m/hour using 10L/min of water
    • Visit www.okadk.com.au for more details on road mark removal


ADK WH&S, Quality & Environment Management Systems

ADK has developed a CM3 certified WH&S management system which is supported by an integrated, custom design, quality and environmental management system to focus on vacuum excavations, tunnel boring, pit and pipe work, working in close proximity to live underground services, traffic and pedestrian management. We ensure our projects provide the client a safe work site free from environmental incident that delivers a quality product fit for years of ongoing service.  We aim to deliver exactly what our clients ask in a timely manner, with only positive outcomes to report on.  If required, we can tailor our systems to develop inspection test plans, hold points, permits to work, high risk SWMS or any other essential management system that will ensure your needs are captured, actioned and successfully presented.